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Coffee stencils

Are you shy to express your love for someone? I have a great idea for you! Say "I love you" with a cup of coffee!
You can purchase some of their pre-made stencils or you can customize your own on Coffee Stencil.com. It would be the sweetest touch, and completely inexpensive! Go here for more of their creative stencils. Enjoy!

beautiful ceramics by Nina

Look at these beautiful handmade screen printed ceramics! I must say all of them are amazing! They were made by Nina who lives in the Netherlands. She applied her handmade screenprints to vintage items. I hope I can have one...

(images via ninainvorm)

My drawing - Love

My drawing - My home

This topic is " My home".

beautiful little butterflies brooches by Abigail Brown

Beautiful! These are beautiful little butterflies brooches made by Abigail Brown. She used new and reused fabrics with machine sewn and hand stitch detail. Every butterflies is unique. I was stunned by all of her works!

Contemporary Chinese Art

I came across some photos of contemporary chinese art recently. These are funny art pieces made of porcelain. Porcelain cans,porcelain TV,porcelain car... very interesting! That's why many collectors are queueing up to buy work by China's bright young artists.