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Paper Napkin Decoupage

Awesome! I learned how to make napkin decoupage last weekend. It was fun! For the first class all we did was cut out the desired design from our paper napkin and then use a white glue to placed the napkin on the back of glass plate. I really love this napkin with purple flowers. It was from my best friend, Josephine. And thanks for inviting me to this wonderful gathering. Thank you, Josephine!

Signature Vase

Signature Vase by Jill Fehrenbacher
Why settle for a boring round ceramic vase, when you can have a beautiful custom-made vase extruded from your own signature?
For a little dosh, Tjep Design Studios in Amsterdam will take a signature of your choice and extrude it in nylon to create an unique typographic form. Whether or not you stick flowers in it or just stick it on your table is up to.

Lumen Tree

Here is a good idea made just right. The Lumen Tree by Adam Frank is an oil lamp that projects the shadow of a tree onto your wall. The tree and the body of the lamp are made of acid-etched stainless steel, and (this is cool) the flame comes from a 17-hour liquid wax fuel cell, which is both odorless and clean-burning. As the flame flickers, the shadow moves naturally, and - if you’ve forgotten elementary math - the farther away from the wall you place the lamp, the larger the shadow will be.

The Impossible Meeting

The Impossible Meeting, 2005
paper cut artwork of Peter Callesan
Acid-free A4 80 gsm paper and glue

Han Christian Andersen's tale of The Steadfast Tin Soldier, in which the soldier falls in love with a paper ballerina who lives in the paper castle.

fleur, rose, oiseau

su blackwell: beautiful paper art

They are absolutely beautiful. All the books she used are discovered trawling through second-hand bookshops. She transformed books into beautiful, incredibly intricate 3-d stories for her viewers to witness. Her works are inspired by fairy tales at all.
I also loved reading alice in wonderland and Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Although all fairy tales are for children, there is a very dark under current to the stories. Most fairy tales are not even close to the originals. The story's were originally used to scare kids into behaving. They removed sexual and violent references from the originals. I enjoy reading the "original" fairy tales because i want to know the hidden meanings behind them.


What is meant by the word 'CREATIVE'?

The word "creative" is the currency with which ad agencies operate. Without it there are no agencies. It will feature heavily in any brief. But what is meant by the word 'creative'? It means something completely different to each client.
To one it may mean, 'I want the same as my competitors but different.' To another it may be as same as wanting a new jingle. To another it may mean, 'Give me the same as we've had for the last twenty years, but not quite.' 99% will want something that they recognize from experience. It has been alleged that Proctor & Gamble's maxim is 'Creativity with a Precedent'. Only one in ten thousand will really mean, 'Give me something I haven't seen before.' So, before you make your pitch, find out exactly what your client means by the word 'creative'. It's probably different from your definition.

Quoted from the book 'It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be.'

Miki Mochizuka "KI"

2009 acrylic on canvas

Statement for “KI” Miki Mochizuka

KI (energy) KI (tree) KI (record) KI (season) KI (life) KI (dish) KI (trees)...There are multiple words and meanings for the sound KI in japanese. The sounds are the same but the meaning is different. The meaning is different but not entirely different, there is some connection between each word. Maybe this is the same as within the paintings, paint KI (trees )but at the same time can see an other KI (energy) or KI (season) or KI (life).

Helen Musselwhite and her incredible paper world

Incredible Artwork! I wish I could live inside her amazing paper world forever!! If you are interested about Helen work, you can watch more
and even buy her artwork at her site.

the feel of fabric

Apple and Pear Sticky Notes

Lovely and creative idea!!
From the Japanese design studio D-Bros.

Rainy day and night...

Fotanian | 伙炭

FoTan is a new artistic area nurturing artists and art collectives in HK.
It was an interesting experience to visit much artists at open day.
when can I have my own studio ????

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

I want to say that is a great movie. I can't help to watch again and again.
The musical score in the background consists mostly of Andres Segovia, the beautiful Spanish guitarist. I did enjoy the setting of Barcelona and Spain, and you will too!


Ohgushi is such a great illustrator